College Radio Campaigns

Protégé PR’s college radio campaigns primary markets to Urban, Hip-Hop, Jazz & Blues, Gospel, Soul, and R&B music. Artist’s and Record labels are seeking for accurate methods of marketing their music.

Protégé PR, will penetrate the college radio market. This promotion strategy provides artists the ability to establish a larger audience, generate buzz and create awareness, as well as, applying added pressure on radio to play the artist’s music. Protégé PR’s  marketing venture will provide access to an expanded audience of core secondary radio stations.

Our services include one-on-one communication with our participating radio stations to ensure quality promotions and accurate feedback. Through questionnaires, email and phone solicitation, can provide detailed progress and tracking reports to keep our clients up-to-date on the events surrounding their projects.

With an ever growing database of over 200 college and community radio stations, our extensive 12 week marketing campaigns, we directly market music to radio stations and music blogs.

Our college radio campaign is a 8 week campaign. For an emerging artist, our college radio campaign gives you the opportunity to promote your single 5 days a week throughout the 8 week campaign. Protégé PR will help you pick the right add date, right stations, and know when and whom to contact at each station.

Package includes:

  • Servicing single to a minimum of 100 non-reporting, Media guide and college radio stations
  • Email Blast to all serviced radio stations
  • Press Release
  • 30 Second Video Promo Spot
  • Coordinate Radio Interviews & Radio Station Drops
  • Weekly reports of stations contacted and airplay rotation tracking