H-Town Makes No Stops With Green Light

R&B Group H-Town is back with their brand new single, and ladies they are asking you for the “Green Light” to take you down!!!

Sticking to their signature sound. GI and Shazam croon emoting a soulfulness that only H-Town could, and they have given us another bedroom boom! The song begins with a snippet of H Town’s “They Like It Slow” and closes with Shazam hitting his infamous high notes.

H-Town burst onto the scene in 1993 with their hit “Knockin’ Da Boots” off their debut album Fever for Da Flavor. The hit is a classic and staple in the R&B genre. In ’93 the evolution of Rhythm and Blues was altered slightly with the introduction of H-Town and especially their lead singer the late Dino Conner’s gritty soulful vocals, unique runs and adlibs as well as Shazam’s soul, perfect falsetto and range, and G.I.’s silky vocals. Hit after hit, the group produced Emotions, Thin Line Between Love & Hate, Part Time Lover, Natural Women, They Like It Slow and more. The iconic R&B group has maintained a powerful presence in the R&B scene for nearly two decades.

Now, H-Town is BACK!!! They have joined independent record label, The Spectra Music Group, to release their upcoming album Child Support. “GREEN LIGHT” will be available on iTunes on Sept.9.